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Hello, I’m Tracey!


When I launched KK&S, I had no idea whether it would be successful. It was a leap of faith that has landed me into a career that embodies everything I most enjoy home and event decorating, artistic crafting, celebrating memorable moments, and – because I also have an insatiable sweet tooth – creating exquisite desserts.

I understand how planning a special occasion or selecting décor for your event, home, or office can be an exhausting experience, and the stress of ensuring that every detail is perfect can be overwhelming. However, with our personalized help, you can immerse yourself in the process and enjoy the ride. Turning your vision into reality is our specialty!

We serve the Maryland, Washington D.C. Virginia and beyond. We are universally trusted for our ability to create luxury stationery favors, personalized and elegant events, and home décor for any space to create that WOW moment. 


My team and I look forward to serving you.




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