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Celebrating Mompreneurs: Balancing Business and Motherhood

Tracey with KK&S Menu Cards

Their every day became chaotic mornings of getting kids ready for school to the late nights spent fine-tuning business, the story of a mompreneur is one of unwavering dedication and passion.

From boardroom meetings to bedtime stories, they redefine the meaning of multitasking, showing us that motherhood isn't a limitation—it's their greatest source of strength.

 This is the daily reality for the woman that is Tracey Fowlkes. Oh, and have I mentioned she also has Lupus? But in the middle of all this madness, Tracey stands tall, an inspiration for mothers and entrepreneurs alike, proving that with a sprinkle of love and a dash of determination, anything is possible.

Together, let's honor the women who wear multiple hats with ease, balancing the demands of motherhood with the pursuit of business dreams. 

This Mother's Day, we raise our glasses to the real-life superheroes—our beloved mompreneurs—who embody the true spirit of love, strength, and limitless possibilities.

Mother's Day Spotlight: Tracey Fowlkes

Tracey photoshoot in white

Being a mother is a job one cannot resign from. It is a title and role one carries for the rest of her life. A role filled with responsibilities and challenges but also love and fulfillment. This is what Tracey Fowlkes signed up for. But in the middle of it all, she got more than what she bargained for. 

See how Tracey went from the tender moments spent with her children to the triumphs and trials of building her own brand. Learn how she went through the highs and lows, and remained steadfast in her commitment to family and business, showing us that with passion in our hearts and purpose in our steps, we can conquer any mountain that stands in our way.

Tracey as a Mother

Tracey with her children

She is a mother to 7 wonderful children.

Tracey gave birth to 4 girls and 3 boys. Her eldest Tahjze, is 26 with Taylar being 24. Can you guess how old her third one is? If you guessed 22 then you’re right! Sean is 22 years old. The streak ended there with Chase being 18. Right after are the kids Teagan at 12 and Reagan at 11, how cute right? Finally, her youngest Avn is 8 years old. 

According to the Pew Research Center, only 14% of mothers out there have 4 or more children. Tracey belongs to an even smaller minority with 7 children.

Even with many children, Tracey sees to it that she is able to attend to each and everyone of them. From being hands-on in taking the kids to school to attending every event—be it sports or school functions, she makes sure to be there for her kids.

Providing for them and helping out is what gives her the strength to carry on even when there’s Lupus trying to get a piece of her every time, she wakes up every day with a vigor to hold the ceiling of their home.  

That’s why the text above is incomplete because it should be:

She is a wonderwoman mother to 7 wonderful children

Tracey as a Brand Owner

Tracey's photoshoot with Menu Cards

Tracey started the business as “Krazy Krafts and Sweets” in 2012, hence the name KK&S with event decorations and sweets as their offerings to customers. She already had five kids at the time she started KK&S Designs

One might think and ask, raising one is already exhausting but 5 and starting a business?

Because she found a purpose; for herself and the community.

From being a creative outlet, she saw how her creations can help liven up other people’s celebrations and help other businesses out there to make a brand out of their business.

There are days when she just wants to take a step back and hope for somebody to step in. Because even the strongest soldiers fall down sometimes. 

Fortunately, her children got her back as well. Sometimes Chase helps her with events and her youngest two help with assembling and peeling, dealing with customers, and getting more familiar with doing things at KK&S Designs. 

Dealing with Both Worlds

A person is only given 24 hours a day. For Tracey, it might not be enough, but she finds ways to make it work.

Managing both responsibilities had her waking up every day at 5:30 in the morning to get two of the kids to school early. Have a little time for herself before getting her 4th daughter to school again at 9 am.

With her children at school, she finally has time to work on her business until 2 in the afternoon. She has to squeeze in meetings, networking, working on orders, etc. Right after, she had to get her kids home back from school. 

From late in the afternoon onwards, she has to attend networking events and work on orders. Have I mentioned household chores and cooking meals? She has to squeeze all that within a day!

"Me" Time

Even with all the madness in dealing with both worlds, Tracey still manage to find some time for herself. She goes to the gym after getting her two youngest kids to school in the morning to keep herself fit and healthy. Living with lupus requires attention to health and Tracey finds time to keep herself in tip-top shape. 

Any break in between all the hustle above, she takes advantage of them by going to the movies, hanging out, and enjoying the momentary peace. 

She also takes advantage of having a flexible time as an entrepreneur. Unlike being employed to work in an office, being an entrepreneur gives her the commando over her time. So, she tries to finish all orders early so she can have time for herself and her family. 

To Fellow Mompreneurs

When asked what advice she can give to all moms out there aspiring to put up their own business or in the process of it, Tracey simply said, 

Go for it.

You don’t need to have everything figured out at the start or have a plan for everything. You just have to get it going and keep your head in the right space and your feet in the right direction. You just need proper time management for a good work-life balance and the courage to take the step. 

Don’t give up no matter how hard it gets.

Like how she didn’t give up even with having Lupus and raising 7 children of her own, she knows any mom out there can do just the same. Draw inspiration from your kids and do not let being a mom limit you to what you can do. Don’t let fear hold you back from going after what you desire because, 

Every mother out there is a living superwoman for her kids and family.

Mompreneur Superpowers

Tracey in a work suit

Being a mompreneur isn't just a title, it's a badge of honor earned through countless late nights, early mornings, and everything in between. In the fast-paced world of business, these extraordinary women possess a unique set of superpowers that enable them to conquer challenges with grace and finesse. 


When faced with limited resources, mompreneurs don't throw in the towel, they roll up their sleeves and get creative. They're masters of making the most out of what they have, finding means and innovative solutions to complex problems. Whether it's stretching a budget or finding new ways to reach customers, these resourceful women always find a way to make things happen.


In the face of overlapping challenges and chores, mompreneurs don't just survive—they thrive. They weather storms with unwavering strength, bouncing back from setbacks with a determination that knows no bounds. Whether it's a missed deadline or a major problem, these resilient women refuse to let anything dim their light, rising stronger and more determined with each obstacle they overcome.


They trust in their abilities, boldly pursuing their dreams with a strong belief in themselves and their vision. From beating deadlines to making tough decisions, these fearless women lead with confidence, inspiring those around them to believe in the power of possibility.


These women pour their hearts and souls into their businesses and family matters, fueling their goals with an infectious enthusiasm that's impossible to ignore. When they have a vision, they go for all means possible to achieve them. 



In the ever-evolving world of entrepreneurship, adaptability is key, and mompreneurs are masters of the art. They embrace change with open arms, pivoting strategies, and shifting gears like a pro. When you have the most unpredictable aspect to manage, kids, adaptability becomes second nature. 


Success doesn't happen by chance, it's the result of disciplined effort and commitment. Mompreneurs understand this better than anyone, using the power of self-discipline to stay focused and motivated in the pursuit of their goals. From setting strict schedules to prioritizing tasks, these disciplined women stay on track even when the going gets tough.

Happy Mother's Day!

Tracey with her two daughters

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the incredible mothers and women-owned business who grace our lives with their love, strength, and boundless wisdom. Today, we celebrate you—for the countless sacrifices you've made, the endless love you've given, and the unwavering determination that inspires us all. 

May your day be filled with joy, laughter, and moments of pure bliss as you are filled with the love and appreciation of those who hold you dear. Happy Mother's Day to each and every one of you!


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