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Meet The Owner of KK&S Designs: Tracey Fowlkes

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Tracey Fowlkes, mother of 7 children, wanted a creative outlet that would be gratifying. KK&S allowed her to have a platform for creative expression. Fowlkes found what she enjoyed by decorating, crafting, and accentuating the beauty of things. As KK&S progressed, it transitioned from crafting to event decorating. Today, the brand of KK&S emerges as a product curator. We are now production of custom-designed products.

In 2013, Fowlkes stumbled upon crafting while helping her then 15-year daughter with her dessert business. In 2014, Fowlkes secured the first paid opportunity as an event decorator just months after the launch party. This was the beginning of KK&S Events. As an event decorator, Tracey wanted to offer customized designs because she saw how other designers were faced with a lack of options for event customizations. In 2017, knowing these wedding & event industry pain points, Fowlkes decided to help her colleagues enhance their events. They did this by offering customized products. Tracey was able to channel this vision into helping her peers stand out from their competitors. In short, KK&S Designs was born from a necessity, with the mission to assist business owners and enhance their brands. KK&S Designs is a boutique custom design studio featuring personalized laser cut and engraved gifts, decor, event details, and luxury desserts and treats.

For more information on KK&S Designs and how it started, be sure to check out the VoyageBaltimore article. Be sure to stay up to date by signing up for our e-mail newsletters, following us on social media and checking out our website!

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